JDBC2XML Installation

Deb installation under Debian-based Linux

As of 2013-07-04 resp. 1.1.1 we offer a debian packages in our debian repository, http://deb.clazzes.org/.

# retrieve archiver key
wget -O - https://deb.clazzes.org/gpg/pba-archiver.clazzes.org.asc |sudo apt-key add -
# retrieve deb source
cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d
test -f any-jpkg-1.list || sudo wget https://deb.clazzes.org/any/sources.list.d/any/any-jpkg-1.list
sudo apt-get update
# install package
apt-get install jdbc2xml

Manual installation under Linux

To install the database-dump tool, download the latest release as  jdbc2xml-*-distribution.tar.bz2 archive (usually the top-most file in each version subdirectory) from the maven repository at https://maven.clazzes.org/org/clazzes/jdbc2xml

Put the archive's content (jdbc2xml-*/) in /opt or /opt/java.

Run the installation script bin/installjdbc2xml.sh to create (or update) symlinks in /usr/bin.

Installing for Windows

From https://maven.clazzes.org/org/clazzes/jdbc2xml download the latest installer, i.e. jdbc2xml-1.X.X-setup-x*.exe, and execute it.