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  • Android Emulators for Windows/Linux PCs
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Google's Android Emulator


Advantages: Runs on every Windows or Linux system. Emulating a ARM CPU means behaviour very close to usual mobile phones. Totally free.

Disadvantages: Not user friendly, some tasks require command line. Emulating a ARM CPU makes it slow.

BlueStacks App Player


Advantages: Uses GPU, usually making it run faster.

Disadvantages: Requires a "supported" GPU and 2 GB RAM. Does not run on any of my virtual or physical Windows XP installations. Some features may end up in the commercial pro version.



Advantages: Community driven, totally free.

Disadvantages: Requires Intel HAXM acceleration, only availble on CPUs with VT-x and



Advantages: Runs on every Windows installation, no special requirements.

Disadvantages: Free only for a 10 day trial period. Long term usage requires commercial.license. Too slow to use on our virtual Windows installations.


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