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  • HP/Compaq nx6125 and Ubuntu Linux 6.06, performance hints
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Yesterday and today I installed a new Notebook HP/Compaq nx6125 (this one with 256MB/40GB/Sempron 3100) with Ubuntu 6.06. 

Some worthy hints are: 

Buy RAM! 
256 MB are too less, even with the alternate installer CD it is a pain. 
The 512 MB soDIMM (PC2700, 333, CL2.5) from extreMEMory works well, as the Setup BIOS' memory test as well as the legacy meminfo86 proofed. 

Turn off PowerNow! 
I know there are installations where more or less intelligent CPU speed steering works under Linux, but in this case the result of BIOS-actiavted PowerNow was a continously slow CPU. As this Notebook will be used as Desktop 99% of the time, I did'nt invest much time and just switched it of in the BIOS. The newer AMDs have an efficient idle cycle mechanism anyway. 

Turn off APIC!!! 
Yet, with 734MB (Graphics mem. forced down to 32 MB) and with max. CPU speed, and with a 2.6 k7 kernel of course, the machine was damn slow (I should stop recommending hardware ;->>). 
So I tried, despite no log entries gave a hint, rather because of expirience and a out-of-the-stomach feeling, to switch off APIC using the kernel switch noapic, and that did a wonder! 

From: IBCL BLog.
Originally posted: 2006-07-01

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