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Dojo Fonts dojo-fonts is an OSGI package for installing the some Webfont packages

Under the URL /fonts in your HTTP Service.

Usage of the fonts

In order to use the fonts, include references to one of the font faces style sheet to your HTML file and use the new font-family at your wish.under the URL /fonts in your HTTP service.

The font names in the following table link to large scale examples at 

FontCSS-URLdeclared CSS font-family declared
PT Sans/fonts/ptsans/ptsans.csspt_sans
Open Sans/fonts/opensans/opensans.cssopen_sans
Droid Sans/fonts/droidsans/droidsans.cssdroid_sans
Droid Serif/fonts/droidserif/droidserif.cssdroid_serif


Using the


Webfont packages and stylesheet for non-OSGi Webservers

  1. Download the latest dojo-fonts from -x.x.jar from, i.e.
  2. Extract the contents of the subfolder /OSGI-INF/webapp/fonts to your virtual host root VirtualHost's DocumentRoot directory, preferably as folder /fonts.