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  • Formatting was changed.'s python3 jira-client is a python Command Line Interface(CLI) tool which can create and read issues for projects. It can be heavily customized with config files and supports both Basic Authentication and OAuth 1.0a.

Supported Commands:

Note: The values needed for the commands are prioritized in this order:

Command line specified > custom config file with -c > user config file > global config file






DescriptionRequired PermissionsRequirements
  1. project: The project's identifier in Jira

Pretty prints, to stdout, all the issues for a given project name, in order of creation descending.

Could redirect output to save in file.

Browsing Permissions
  1. project: The identifier of the project to add the issue to.
  2. summary: Headline of the issue to be created. Put in quotation marks if it contains spaces.
  3. desc: Description of the issue to be created.
  4. issuetype: How the issue should be categorized. Examples are bug, task, feature, subtask,...
  5. priority: Number from 1-5 where 1 is a Blocker and 5 is Trivial.

 --assignee: The username of the requested assignee, if one should be immediately assigned.

--parent: The identifier of the parent issue. Only required if you create a subtask.


Creates an issue for the given project name.

Browsing and Issue Creation Permissions


--conffile: Absolute path to the file where the config values should be saved/overwritten. If it doesn't exist, attempt to create it there.

Any of username, password, oAuthToken, consumerKey, consumerSecret, oAuthSecretToken, authMethod, privateKeyLocation, baseurl that should be saved in the config file

Initialize or change a config fileNone

--consumerkey: The name of the OAuth public key as configured on the Jira Server. Specify to use a different one than the config file has.

--consumersecret: The OAuth secret as configured on the Jira Server. Specify to use a different one than the config file has.


--pkeyloc: Path to the private to be used for the creation of this token.

Create an OAuth token.

Consumer secret and key already configured on Jira.

Private Key used must correspond to configured public key.

Example Command Usage