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This describes the design ideas for the next generation of the login service stuff.

Base interface DomainPasswordLoginService

The base interface only provides a login verification API, without any HTTP session handling.

The page describes The Java interface is org.clazzes.util.sec.DomainPasswordLoginService from

DomainPasswordLoginService Implementations

Current implementations

The following implementations are available:

For testing them there is a testpad webapp using org.clazzes.login.adapter.http, see there.

Maven and Subversion repository

All implementations have the new maven groupIdorg.clazzes.login, and a new svn repository:

Ideas for future implementations


Authentication against external Authentication Providers

  • OAuth2/OpenID Connect client: org.clazzes.login.openid (like provided by Wordpressoauth (authenticate against github, Google, Facebookmicrosoft cloud services,...) or Mozilla's upcoming counterpart.

OSGi wrapper HttpLoginServiceAdapter and Testpad

The OSGi side for the new login serivce approach consists of one small bundle, org.clazzes.login.adapter.http, that listens for providers of the DomainPasswordLoginService interface and exports them adapted as a as HttpLoginService.

Deprecated/obsolete HttpLoginServices


Token OTP Provider

For adding two-factor authentication support, the module org.clazzes.gwt.login.* LoginServices combining login API and HTTP session handling will become obsolete: gwt-jaas-login-service,gwt-ldap-login-service, gwt-http-login-service (httpslogin.yubikey is provided, which has been 

DomainPasswordLoginService backend SDS

We are currently in the process of implementing a backend.

For now see*-login-service).


  (SVN) and SDS (JIRA).