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  • Annotated mingw-6 changes to clazzes-org debian packages

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Comment: g++-rt besides gcc-rg


  • mingw-w32-pkg-config and mingw-w64-pkg-config are deprecated, use mingw-w64-tools, which contains tools for both architectures (w32/w64).
  • mingw-w32-gcc and mingw-w64-gcc are deprecated, simply use g++-mingw-w64, which contains all compilers for both architectures (w32/w64).

  • Split packages to dev and runtime package
  • Root runtime dependencies are mingw-w64-gcc-rt resp. mingw-w64-g++-rt and mingw-w32-gcc-rt resp. mingw-w32-g++-rt 
  • Root development dependencies are mingw-w64-i686-dev (w32) and mingw-w64-x86-64-dev (w64)
  • Correctly refer to upstream dev/runtime packages like mingw-w64-zlib, mingw-w64-zlib-dev and other likewise dependencies of your package (not shown in the example below...)
  • Depend on debhelper >= 9
  • Distribution is jessie, generation is 6