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Name, Feature/PurposeUpdate Site URLsFurther reading, Remarks
ADT, integrates Android Developer Tools and plafform sources

Requires Android SDK, too.
Project homepage:  
For Android developement, I prefer the Android Studio over eclipse.

CDT, C/C++ Developement Tools.




Stable CDT is available within standard repositories.
Milestone and bleeding edge links are from the CDT Downloads page.
CUTE Plugin, C++ Unit Testing Easier on project Homepage: CUTE Installation and System Requirements
EPIC, Eclipse Perl Integration project Homepage: EPIC homepage
GWT Eclipse Plugin

Adjust site URL to Eclipse version. GWT seems dead, though.
JD, Java Decompiler Plugin
Afterwards ensure "Class File Editor" is activated for "*.class without source".
M2E, Maven integration
Maven integration
Maven Integration for Android Development
Has some quirks with library projects. Got rather unusable, drove me towards Android Studio.

Running Jetty in Eclipse

Allows running Jetty in Eclipse, nice for i.e. JavaScript development.

Project homepage:

Don't forget to create a good src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml

ShellEd, Shell script editor

See project homepage
Spring Framework

Adjust site URL to Eclipse version.

Infos on project homepage: SpringSource Tool Suite Installation Instructions

Subclipse, Subversion integration for subversion 1.8 for subversion 1.9

Choose version matching your native subversion client.

Infos on project homepage: Subclipse Download and Install.Wiki

In debian the debian package libsvn-java is required, too.

"Hide Quick Access" plugin

Works around the infamous "Hide Quick Access"-problem in eclipse-4.x, more information at:

Eclipse bug report: