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  • Ever-raising kernel load caused by DRBD 8.4.6 to 8.4.9-1

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Comment: Damn


We managed to do it, somehow. But I don't recommend it for production systems. There are too many hickups and not too much to gain unless you want to migrate to multi-node setups in which case I strongly recommend using new nodes anyway.


Former solution attempt: Packaging Upstream DRBD 8.x Kernel Module for Debian

Conclusion chain

Without checking mailing list archives it seems unlikely that an eventual severe problem with DRBD 8.4.6 (almost 16 months old now) still is not fixed in the current 8.x module eversion.


It might be a good idea to perform this every now and then:

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dkms status



Failure ;-(

Unfortunately the whole problem of an ever-rising load occured with DRBD module 4.8.4-1 too. Further research TBD.