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  • Adapting PBA to new Debian Release

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cd ~/sources/pba/trunk/pba-helloworld
svn up ..

# or
PBAO='-o unix'

pba-builddeps -i ${PBAO}

#pba-instdeps -i ${PBAO}

pba-build -u -i ${PBAO}

# solve eventual problems

${EDITOR:-vi} debian/changelog debian/control
# or
${EDITOR:-vi} debian-unix/changelog debian-unix/control


pba-release -u -b pba-spool/ ${PBAO}
sudo pba-builder -B pba-spool -b pba-results ${PBAO} 2>&1 |tee pba-builder.log

# wait for success

sudo rm -rf pba-spool/ pba-results pba-builder.log

svn commit -m "Adding support for new Debian distro ${NEWREL}"

pba-release ${PBAO}


... with -o unix or later -o "unix|7".


TBD.See Adapting FancyLibs to new Debian Release,

Adapt pba-helloworld-portable