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This page tries to summarize all steps to add a debian-mingw-6 package to a project with existing debian-mingw-5 packaging.

Changelog for adding package

Extend changelog with something like "Adding mingw-6 packaging":

$EDITOR debian-*/changelog
# just edit the first one

Create debian-mingw-6

svn cp debian-mingw-5/ debian-mingw-6
echo 9 >debian-mingw-6/compat
$EDITOR debian-mingw-6/changelog debian-mingw-6/control debian-mingw-6/rules
# remove evtl. *.install files!

New changelog file

  • change the source package name in the first entry
  • delete 2nd and further entries.

New control file

  • Change dephelper dependency from (>= 5) to (>= 9)
  • Change PBA-Distribution from squeeze and/or wheezy to jessie
  • Change other occurences of 5 to 6, in package names and PBA-Build-Source mingw, but be careful not to destroy anything
  • Drop build dependencies on mingw-w32-gcc, mingw-w32-pkg-config, mingw-w64-gcc, mingw-w64-pkg-config 
  • Add build dependencies on mingw-w64-tools, g++-mingw-w64
  • If not using fancylibs
    • To mingw-w32 binary packages, add dependency mingw-w32-gcc-rt resp. mingw-w32-g++-rt
    • To mingw-w32 *-dev packages, add dependency mingw-w64-i686-dev
    • To mingw-w64 binary packages, add dependency mingw-w64-g++-rt resp. mingw-w64-g++-rt
    • To mingw-w64 *-dev packages, add dependency mingw-w64-x86-64-dev
  • Change Architectures from any to all
  • Check if *-dev packages depend on *-dev packages of libraries, not to the runtime packages

New rules file, obligatory

  • Change occurences of 5 to 6, in package names
  • Evtl. insert DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION ?= $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog | sed -rne 's/^Version: ([0-9.]+)[-+].*$$/\1/p')
  • Change build-arch to build-indepinstall-arch to install-indep, don't forget rm and touch calls but do NOT damage arch=$(archXX) directives
  • If not using debian-* directories, add debian/devhost.txt.gz debian/*.substvars debian/*.debhelper.log to the list of cleaned files (to avoid 'package without artifacts' errors on rebuilds)

New rules file, optional

These steps optimize the packaging process and to some degree the binaries by using fine-tuned debhelper 9 functions over un-tuned debhelper 5/6 functions, but we came across a few packages where it broke the packaging process.

  • Drop include /usr/.../
  • Not sure if required: Empty an eventual DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE
  • Drop an eventual DEB_DH_STRIP_ARGS
  • Adapt from *.install to PKGROOT=$(shell pwd)/debian and DESTDIR=$(PKGROOT)/$(packageXX)
  • Insert the block below
	dh $@

# do not strip anything.
# call 'strip' on a mingw lib*.a file causes the ranlib information to
# be discarded rendering the libraries useless.


export DEB_CFLAGS_MAINT_SET = -O2 -Wall

build-indep: common-build-indep
install-indep: common-install-indep


Test build

pba-builddeps -i -o "arch|unix|6"
pba-build -u -i -o "arch|unix|6"
# or one-by-one
pba-build -u -i -o "arch|unix"
pba-build -u -i -o "6"





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