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  • Installing CyanogenMod on the LG Optimus Black P970
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Device: LG Optimus Black P970

Firmware V10b (later firmware version might need another rooting-hack)

adb installed on your Computer, an USB cable at hands, USB debugging activated at your device.

Rooting the Device

Use GingerBreak-v1.20.apk from

Install the apk and run Gingerbreak.

Afterwards you should be able to get root access using adb by entering the following on you Computer while teh phone is attached via USB:

Becoming root
adb shell
$ su

When entering su, a popup on your phone asks you to allow root access to the su program.

If su is not installed, your device has no root access and you have to search another rooting hack for your device.

Install ClockWordMod Recovery

Install the version of the ClockWorkMod recovery system matching your device from the list under

Install ClockWordMod ROM Manager

This program may be fetched from the Google Play AppStore or from the apk avaiable from the URL above.

Download CyanogenMod for your device to your SD-Card


Stick to the "stable" version, which is 10.0 in August 2013.

Download Google Apps matching your CyanogenMod version to your SD-Card


The version matchin CyanoGenMod-10.0 is

Boot to the recovery system using ROM Manager

Use either the description under

or enter the following on the adb debug console:

Becoming root
adb shell
$ su
# reboot recovery

Flash CyanogenMod

In the CWM Recovery Manager, you might be unable to mount you SD-Card, because The Recovery Manager searches for the wrong /dev entry. To circumvent this problem, mount the SD-Card manually using adb:

Mounting the sdcard manually
adb shell
# mount /dev/block/mmcblk1 /sdcard

  (you might need to specifiy another /dev-Node on other devices...)

Afterwards, perform the following steps

  1. => Backup and restore > Backup (Saves a backup of your existing installation)
  2. => wipe data/factory reset (confirm with 'Yes')
  3. => wipe cache partition (confirm with 'Yes')
  4. => advanced
  5. => Wipe Dalvik Cache (confirm with 'Yes')
  6. => Wipe Battery Stats (confirm with 'Yes')
  7. => ++++Go Back+++++++
  8. => install zip from sdcard
  9. => choose zip frome sdcard
  10. => navigate to "" in your download folder
  11. confirm with "***YES***" and the installation starts
  12. => +++++Go Back+++++
  13. => reboot system now

Install Google Apps

Google apps may be installed just like CyanoGenMod, by using booting to the recovery manager (manual munt of /sdcard may be required as above) and performing the following steps:

  1. => install zip from sdcard
  2. => choose zip frome sdcard
  3. => navigate to "" in your download folder
  4. confirm with "***YES***" and the installation starts
  5. => +++++Go Back+++++
  6. => reboot system now


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