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dojo-fonts is an OSGI package for installing some Webfont packages under the URL /fonts in your HTTP service.

The font names in the following table link to large scale examples at 

FontCSS-URLCSS font-family declared
PT Sans/fonts/ptsans/ptsans.csspt_sans
Open Sans/fonts/opensans/opensans.cssopen_sans
Droid Sans/fonts/droidsans/droidsans.cssdroid_sans
Droid Serif/fonts/droidserif/droidserif.cssdroid_serif

Using the Webfont packages and stylesheet for non-OSGi Webservers

  1. Download the latest dojo-fonts-x.x.jar from, i.e.
  2. Extract the contents of the subfolder /OSGI-INF/webapp/fonts to your VirtualHost's DocumentRoot directory, preferably as folder /fonts.


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