Blog from May, 2013

Confluence 5.0.x has a bug making the edtior close to unusuable in Google Chrome 27, which was named stable today.

Therefore we just upgraded to Confluence 5.1.3 which solves the problem right away.

Due to a weird problem of the confluence installer (net not found in java library path), and after good results from upgrading Java on other hosts, I also upgraded Java to 1.7.

Using the momentum, Jira was upgraded too and is now at 6.0.

Unfortunately an OpenSource nightmare scenario has hit FTPSync with 1.3.07: It uploads files even in download mode.

I have fixed the bug #38906 with git commit 65c0a4fed73b719352e5fa00096a4081d9cc3a63, but I actually recommend to use the re-released ftpsync-1.3.06-0.tar.bz2.